Creating a Personal Selling Philosophy Essay

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Creating a Personal Selling Philosophy

At some point, every transaction will require some elements of sales. More specifically, every business offers either a service or is selling a product. A career in sales can personally and financially prove to be rewarding and beneficial. In order to be a successful salesperson, one should develop a personal selling philosophy. Personal selling can be referred to as one of the major promotional methods used in business either by the people employed, by the total expenditures, or by the expenses as a percentage of sales. This paper will discuss developing a personal selling philosophy, selling factors style in a global environment, and examining a fit assessment.

Creating a
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Value Creation Model
Value added selling can be defined as series of creative improvements within the sales process that enhance the customer experience [ (Manning, Ahearne, & Reece, 2012) ]. Salespersons that possess the ability to best utilize the internet and the information economy are the most successful with this model because they have the required skills, knowledge, and the motivation to create value throughout the sales process. There are four parts within this model: Understanding the customers’ value needs; creating the value proposition; communicating the value proposition; and delivering the value proposition. The creating value sales model can be very complicated, time consuming and may require others team members with more specific expertise to ensure that the customer needs are met.
Consultative Selling
Consultative selling materialize in the 1970’s and can be defined as an expansion on marketing concepts by accentuating need identification which is attained through effective communication between the salesperson and the customer. Consultative selling approach wants to establish a long-term relationship with the customer by allowing the salesperson to assume the role of a consultant and offers well-considered recommendations. This approach to personal selling requires an

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