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Meaningful Use
Information Technology in Healthcare
Mohammad Ali Torabi

Meaningful Use
In 2009 president Obama signed the Affordable Care Act, which is also known as ObamaCare, into law. ObamaCare is a national health care plan, which its main goal is to reform the American health care system so that every citizen would be insured by the year 2014. Healthcare providers are overwhelmed by the amount of patients they visit everyday due to the shortage of doctors we are having. One article from New York Times estimated that by the year 2025, America would be in shortage of 100,000 primary care physicians, based on the amount of doctors graduating and an increase demand of healthcare. Having said this, the atmospheric state in the
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The HITECH Act claims that by 2011, providers will receive incentives for demonstrating the meaningful use of EHR. These incentives are available until 2015, after which physicians and healthcare facilities can be charged penalties for failing to use the EHR. The act also provides incentives and grants for training the personnel to adapt to the health IT infrastructure.
Electronic health records can set many revenues for healthcare providers and their patients, but the benefits depend on how they are utilized. The main goal of meaningful use is to promote adaptation to use EHR so that would result in a significant improvement of the health care service provided to citizens. Three main points can describe the benefits of meaningful use: 1. Complete and accurate information. With the use of EHR, physicians are going to understand much more about the patients’ past medical history and ongoing problem before they walk into their office. This will save a lot of time for both ends by letting the physician to set his/her mind on what to focus for that particular patient. 2. Better access to information. Providers will be allowed to access information they need for their diagnosis much faster leading to a successful outcome of the care. The use of EHR also allows the providers that are linked to the system to share health information and better management of care. 3. Patient

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