Raspberry Ketone Essay

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Part I Essay

For ages we all have craved the body of an Adonis/ Aphrodite`s, some say that this are just genes passed on, some say that you can only get it with intense training at least 4 times a week. But the 21 century, the century of speed, no one has time to lose countless hours in the gym so we started looking for some help.

We tried different chemicals but in the end we realized that the answer was still in Mother Nature. And so Raspberry Ketone was discovered. A raspberry ketone is generally described as the aromatic element of a raspberry that one first recognizes when in close proximity of a raspberry. While this ketone clearly affects the scent associated with a raspberry, this is not the only thing that can be
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The list goes on, the Ketones have a spot on every Teleshopping channel and ads in every free newspaper, what better market to target than the Americans. This product has not been approved, but then again nor disapproved by FDA and for some of us even the placebo effect helps us. And in the end some of us get the results that we expect from one source or the other.

Part II
Press release

Raspberry Ketone Drops

National Institute of Health has shown an amount of research papers on the extract of raspberry ketone. In a provocative study of raspberry ketone is applied to fat cells (fat) in vitro. Following adiponectin levels rose significantly. Adiponectin is used in the treatment of diabetes through metabolism (burning) fat. In addition lipolysis ( fat destruction process ) has increased impressively . Test the effect of raspberry ketone extract showed that there is a direct process by suppressing the accumulation of lipids within cells adiposities. Of pure ketone extract of the berries is typically 1-4 mg per kg of raspberry.

For some time now launched a new package downright incredible global market. The same supplement in a liquid version. Because it is taken as liquid, it may be absorbed by the body three times faster than its pill counterparts. This makes a lot of difference in terms of its efficiency because this allows for very little amounts of its ingredients to be

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